About STANDOUT Mailer®

For 5 years, STANDOUT Mailer® has been providing our clients with a simple low cost alternative to addressed direct mail. We have mailed millions of postcards, increasing traffic into our client’s businesses across the country.

With over 25 years in the print industry, we learned our clients needed a way to mail our quality printed product to their potential customers without the hassle and costs of buying address lists.

One of the early adopters of the USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® program, we utilized our extensive knowledge of print and mail to produce a simple easy to use program and thus STANDOUT Mailer® was born.

We handle every aspect of your order, from customer service to print production to mail processing; all are completed by STANDOUT Mailer®. Your order goes directly into the USPS® mail system right from our building.

Why not try your customers today, and discover the reason that STANDOUT Mailer® has been trusted by small independent businesses to national chains and every business size in between.